Located 12 kilometres away from Conímbriga, this great Roman housing complex, established above the Rabaçal valley was discovered after several long archaeological campaigns in 1984. The place, which was once an inhabited farm somewhere around the 6th century A.C, is divided into two areas, one was the rustic villa, where the agricultural premises were located and slaves lived, and the urban villa, where the lord of the manor lived. This area is built around a central patio with columns with four defined functional areas, the entrance, the daylight area, the area which connected it to the service area and, finally, a housing area. The ruins of the bathing house are a few meters away.

Discover this testimony of Latin civilization, built according to the most ancient Roman architecture knowledge and spend some time watching the wonderful set of mosaics that decorate the place. They show seasons, quadriga mosaics, female figures, which seem to invite us to enter, and vegetal and geometric compositions. They have African and Oriental influences, something unique in the art of this period in Portugal.

In the centre of Rabaçal, you can also visit the museum dedicated to the Roman villa where the collection of objects discovered during excavations on the spot is on display, including marble bas-relives.

Be amazes by this art, civility and ancient culture centre, lost amongst the arid mountain landscape.

From Tuesday to Sunday: 11:00 – 13:00 / 14:00 – 18:00
Closed on Monday, Easter Sunday, Good Friday and January 1st.