The museum of the image in motion – m|i|mo – museu da imagem em movimento – in Leiria was created in 1996, celebrating the 100th anniversary of motion pictures in Portugal. The main goal of this unique museum is collecting, protecting, preserving and making an inventory of objects and techniques related to images in motion, promoting research and study in this area. 

m|i|mo – museu da imagem em movimento is more than a simple museum. It is a spot for preserving the elements of past memories, as well as a workshop where new solutions and new ways , using the means historically developed by society and recreating others. A place where the past meets the future, where discussion takes place, a platform of culture and experience, opened to the community.

This museum is located within the wall of the Castle of Leiria next to St. Peter’s Church. The building occupies the former stables of the castle. The renovation project is signed by prestigious Portuguese architect José Charters Monteiro.

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Toujours 09:30 - 17:30