Located in the centre of Portugal, the region of Terras de Sicó covers six municipalities around the Serra de Sicó massif which divides the river basins of Nabão and Soure. The mountain is a living witness of the region’s ancient history, offering several important archaeological remains among its extensive oak forests. You can start by exploring the Algarinho-Gramatinha-Ariques Ecological Park in which a magnificent oak and holm oak forest shelters over eight hundred wildlife species. Follow the mountain paths in long walks or invigorating bike rides and then descend the Rabaçal valley to explore its Roman villa. Spend the night at Ansião, see where the Nabão waters come from and enjoy the local traditional gastronomy. Go back to the first years of pre-History at Sicó’s Fossil Museum at Santiago da Guarda which shows the region’s vast paleontological collection. Explore the streets of the old medieval town of Penela and don’t miss the impressive Conímbriga ruins, the greatest witness of the Lusitanian Roman Empire.

The region Terras de Sicó is waiting for you!