Throughout these tracks, visitors can see more than 120 models of dinosaurs and other animals on the real scale. The park was specially designed to be an “Edutainment” (Education + Entertainment) experience, combining the knowledge of the evolution of the Earth, but also the fun part for the whole family.

Beside the outdoor tracks, in entrance and the central building of the Dino Parque can be visited the exhibition of the Museu da Lourinhã, with its fantastic palaeontological collection . In the laboratory, it is also possible to observe in real time the preparation of fossils.

The park also offers an area of activities, where visitors can experience some palaeontology skills.

Opening hours
Everyday: 10h (including Saturday, Sunday and holidays)

Closing time
January / February / October / November / December: 17h (last admission is at 15:30h)
March / April / May: 18h (last admission is at 16:30)
June / July / August / September: 19h (last admission is at 17h30)

  • The Park is totally prepared for physically challenged persons requiring special assistance.
  • Dogs allowed on a leash!