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“Ovos Moles” of Aveiro

To visit Aveiro without tasting ovos moles is a sin. This is a typical pastry in the area and comes from the ancient feminine convents in Aveiro.

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To visit Aveiro without tasting ovos moles is a sin. This is a typical pastry in the area and comes from the ancient feminine convents in Aveiro. Its shape is obtained by mixing eggs and sugar indulgently and it is prepared according to traditional knowledge. After the nun communities were extinguished, the recipe passed on from generation to generation and it has been kept alive until today. Let this sweet temptation take over your taste and feel like you’re in Heaven.

In addition to its strong taste, it is the shape of ovos moles which makes them a truly peculiar pastry. Confectioners were inspired by their closeness to the lagoon and sea elements to transform, with their magic fingers, thin layers of host into shells, whelks, fish or clams and fill them with this golden voluptuous dough. Another way of tasting this delicacy is by eating it from small pots made of wood or porcelain, decorated with paintings which show the Lagoon, moliceiros (traditional boats) or Barra Light.

Approved by the European Commission

Ovos moles de Aveiro were the first Portuguese bakery product to be distinguished with the tile of Protected Geographical Indication, given by the European Union. This qualification guarantees that this traditional desert from Aveiro is always of the utmost quality, because it is prepared entirely according to the original recipe, using high-quality ingredients and the same traditional manufacturing techniques, thus preserving ancient knowledge which has been perpetuated by many generations of confectioners.

Where to eat ovos-moles in Aveiro?

Oficina do Doce [Pastry Workshop]

Taste ovos moles de Aveiro at one of the many pastry shops in the Rossio area, between the Art Nouveau buildings and the Central Canal of the lagoon. But if you really want to know everything about ovos moles, then you should visit Oficina do Doce, where true specialists will tell you everything about the history of this unique flavoured pastry and teach you how to make this golden dough of sugar and eggs which has an almost sacred taste.

Confeitaria Peixinho

Founded in 1856, Confeitaria Peixinho is the oldest bakery in Aveiro, producing the iconic "ovos-moles" (soft eggs). This mouth-watering sweet speciality was created 5 centuries ago by the nuns of the Jesus Monastery. Confeitaria Peixinho bakes the century-old original recipe!

Aveiro soft-eggs were actually the first Portuguese sweet to be acknowledged with the protection status by the European Comission, as well as the Protected Geographical Indication.

Confeitaria Peixinho is located at the heart of Aveiro in a pedestrian street by the Main Canal of Aveiro Lagoon. Apart from the delicious "ovos-moles, Confeitaria Peixinho fabricates other sweet specialities made of soft-eggs.

A charming place full of elegance where you can taste the unique Aveiro "ovos-moles", while drinking a comforting tea or coffee.

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