Válega church is a true masterpiece of tile painting art and surely one of the remarkable churches in Portugal! On sunset the church facade, facing west, is particularly beautiful, bathed by sunlight. A true golden temple that sparkles with its amazing tiles of many colours. The patronage of the church belonged to private owners until 1150. From that date on until 1288 this was the Monastery of São Pedro de Ferreira. From 1583 to 1833 it was property of the Bishop and the Cathedral of Porto. Válega Church is placed in its current spot since the middle of the 18th century. Inside the church, it is worth highlighting:

  • 20th century interventions, such as the ceilings in exotic woods, sponsored by the Lopes Family, as well as the exuberant tile coverings, produced by Aleluia Factory, based in Aveiro
  •  marble works of the indoor walls of the main chapel, inferior coir and general wainscots
  • the different stages of the life of Virgin Mary

Válega is located 6,5 km away from the city of Ovar and it sure deserves a visit!