The Greeks used to associate public bathing with the God of Medicine and they recommended Hydrotherapy as a physical and spiritual cure. However, it was during Roman times that the concept of enjoying mineral waters spread across Europe.In several different places throughout the vast Roman Empire, people learnt how to recognize the benefits of thermal waters and founded several medicinal thermal baths, many of which are still functioning today and have earned renowned merit in the health area.

The use of thermal benefits as a way of treatment and convalescence were revived in the European social habits during the 19th century and, since then, many thermal bath complexes were founded in order to provide health and well-being to their visitors.

But what makes thermal baths so special? It is all due to the effects of the natural mineral water used in the treatments. Because of its composition, it increases the body’s natural defences. The water, of deep circulation, has its own characteristics according to the rocky area from which it springs and it is used only once in treatments without any added compounds.

According to their own characteristics, each type of mineral water offers different therapies, but the Centre Tourism Region has many options to offer. If you are looking for a cure for joint problems, you should try Curia, if you want to improve your kidney system, go to Luso or you can find refreshing sleeping at São Pedro do Sul. Nowadays, thermal bathes are modernized and equipped with the latest treatment technologies, plus offering leisure activities and rest to those who visit them. If you want to slow down your daily stress, take care of your body, relax your mind or simply enjoy a quiet and well-being space among magnificent views, thermal baths in the Centre Region are the ideal destinations for you.