The Mountain Villages are located at the Natural Park of Serra da Estrela in the council of Seia, 1h20 away from Coimbra and 2 hours away from the Airport of Porto and 3 hours away from the Airport of Lisbon. This village network covers a geographical area of approximately 100 km, including: 14 walking routes and 4 mountain bike trails.

All of them seem too tiny in the infinity of a globalised world, but they are full of genuine people. The natural setting is absolutely beautiful. Serra da Estrela is truly overwhelming, perfect, unique, a place of silence.

The Mountain Villages are the starting point for engaging in walking trails, discovering almost enchanted woods: some of them inhabited by Portugal laurel, holly, layered valleys, vestiges of glaciers, depressions, water streams that make agricultural fields fertile, waterfalls and rocky formations of unusual shapes.

Each village has its own unique story:  Loriga, Alvoco da Serra, Lapa dos Dinheiros, Valezim and Cabeça. Discover them in a memorable journey across endless landscapes, welcoming people and mouth-watering traditional flavours!

Mountain Villages
Largo Dr. Borges Pires
6270-494 Seia
Phone: +351 238 310 246