Created in 1940, Guarda Museum was settled in the old Archdiocesan Seminary and it currently has a collection of around 4800 pieces which come mostly from the Guarda municipality. The most representative nucleuses are those of Archaeology, Religious Sculpture and Painting and also 20th century Portuguese Armoury and Painting.

The museum is organized chronologically and takes the visitors in an historical journey which starts in Pre-History and goes on until our times. Apart from the main exhibition nucleus, the museum also has photography, ceramics and traditional games collections.

The building

The building was built in 1601, as it can be seen in an inscription of this building.The set includes the Bishop’s Palace, the Seminary and the Church, forming a U-shaped plan with the Church in the centre.
The Mannerism-style set was erected  in the 17th century, except the 19th century church of the nineteenth century, built in 1887.The Bishop’s Palace has a courtyard with porch, Ionic columns and two-register arches, two registers, and straight lintel spans, and a protuberant cornice with cannon gargoyles.

Opening hours

Tuesday to Sunday: 9h00 – 17h30

Closing days

  • Monday