In 1982, the Wool Museum of the University of Beira Interior was opened in the building of the old Covilhã Royal Textile Factory dye house and the old Veiga Royal Factory. The goal of this museum of science and technology is to preserve the region’s textile industry heritage and nowadays it has become the interpretive centre of the Wool Rout Translana which has an emphasis on Covilhã but doesn’t leave out towns like Manteigas, Gouveia, Seia, Pinhel, Guarda and Penamacor.

The Wool Museum has three great nucleuses: the Royal Textile Factory Nuclei which focuses on the pre and proto wool industrialization period (18th century), the Veiga Royal Factory/Wool Interpretation Centre with valences of the Wool Industrialization Museum Nuclei (19th and 20th centuries) and the Documentation/Wool Historical Archive Centre, and also the Sun Tenters Nuclei, an open air space made up of a set of sun tenters and a wool drying ground.

When you visit the museum, apart from the buildings of the old factories, you will be able to see the collection of machines, equipment, fittings, textile products (wool, strings, textile samples, fabrics and garments) or even text, cartographic and iconographic documents available in permanent and temporary exhibitions. They are “strings from the past weaving the future” in the middle of Serra da Estrela.

Opening hours:
Real Fábrica de Panos | Royal Tissue Factory
Real Fábrica Veiga | Royal Veiga Factory
From Tuesday to Sunday
09:30 -12:00 | 14:30 – 18:00
Râmolas de Sol
Free Access through the outside