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New Hand Lab

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New Hand Lab is a brand new sustainable enterprise of creative passionate technology. Based in the city of Covilhã, a prestigious wool-producing centre, this enterprise pays a tribute to the glorious past of wool industry in the region. And which better way to honour the past than to engage today’s remarkable fashion designers and handcrafters? The city of Covilhã, located at the Mountain region of Serra da Estrela, has always played a major role in the development of a creative wool industry not only in Portugal, but also abroad.

The Factory António Estrela built upon a 17th factory was given a prestigious award in 1904 during the Universal Exhibition in St. Louis, USA. Júlio Afonso, the owner of the factory, was awarded “Brilliant Pen 1976” by Men’s Fashion Writers International. His factory closed, but nowadays the Factory António Estrela / Júlio Afonso is the thriving centre of a powerful creative energy known as New Hand Lab.

New Hand Lab supports young designers, fashion stylists, photographers and artisans. It is a place made by and for local creators to freely develop their works, based on a 21st century approach. Tradition and modernity hand-in-hand!

New Hand Lab offers a beautiful view over renowned Carpinteira Bridge in Covilhã, drawn by Architect Carrilho da Graça, considered one of the coolest design destinations in the world by Travel + Leisure mag.

The prestigious young fashion designer Miguel Gigante is one of the creators who work at this New Hand Lab. Shaping the future with bare hands!

New Hand Lab

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