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Sanctuaire de Valinhos

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The small village of Aljustrel was the birthplace of the three little shepherds and the house of the brothers Francisco and Jacinta can be visited, as well as Lúcia’s house, converted in a museum, depicting local lifestyle in the beginning of the 20th century. Departing from Aljustrel you can walk along the Valinhos via sacra. This is the path that Lúcia, Jacinta and Francisco pursued from Aljustrel to Cova da Iria.

This via sacra has 14 stations in memory of the Lord’s Passion and and a 15th station evoking the Resurrection known as the Hungarian Calvary or Santo Estêvão Chapel. Both the Chapel and he 14 via sacra stations were given by Hungarian Catholics, refugees in Western world after the soviet invasion of Hungary.

The via sacra (opened on August 11th 1962) and the Chapel (opened on May 12th 1964) was projected by the engineer Ladislau Marec. The 15th station was opened on October 13th 1992.

Before reaching Santo Estêvão Chapel, visitors can see "Loca do Anjo", the spot where the three little shepherds received the "Peace Angel" for the first and the third time (in Spring and Autumn 1916).

This a place of sheer confinement, absolutely preserved, where olive trees and oaks define the spirit of the place.

The Hungarian Calvary and Valinhos via sacra are a true must for all pilgrims travelling to the altar of the world, seeking for faith and the answer to their daily problems. This is the perfect place for praying and introspection.

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