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Carpinteira pedestrian bridge

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The city of Covilhã has beautiful ancient streets that will lead you to amazing places! But you will also find surprising spots like design ward-winning pedestrian bridge designed by prestigious Portuguese architect Carrilho da Graça. Travel + Leisure magazine considered this bridge one of the most interesting design spots in the world! The Lisbon-based minimalist architect João Luis Carrilho da Graça’s walkway zigzags high above the Carpinteira river valley. It is one of Portugal’s most impressive pedestrian bridges.

The sinuous and segmented design of the bridge winds above the valley, along a distance of about 220 m. The central bay takes the perpendicular to the line of the valley. The tensioned geometry of its layout interferes with visual orientation and with the perception of dominating heights of “Serra da Estrela”, on one side, and the vastness of Cova da Beira, on the lower side.

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