The Church of the Most Holy Trinity is situated within the enclosure of the Sanctuary of Fátima, on the opposite side of the Basilica. It was inaugurated in 2007 but had been planned since 1973. In fact since then there had been the need to build a new church because the Basilica wasn’t large enough to accommodate the great number of pilgrims who wanted to attend services within the Sanctuary, on days of average turnout.

The Church is a modern, round, white building, the color of the stone that covers it, a local stone known as “white of the sea”. This huge building is 125 m in diameter, with no intermediate support; it has a volume of 130,000 m3 and 8,633 seats and it can be divided into two areas by a moving partition. There are 76 seats for disabled people.

Its architect was the Greek Alexandros Tomazis but other important artists contributed to this project. The 8 m high main door, for example, made of bronze and dedicated to Christ was realized by Pedro Calapez, the painted tile panel in the atrium of the Apostles Peter and Paul is by Siza Vieira, and the 34 m high tall bronze cross outside the Church, is by the German artist Robert Schad.