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Faia Brava Natural Reserve

In 2010 the Faia Brava Reserve was classified by the former Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Institute (ICNB) as the first private protected area of the country and is also currently a pilot area of the European project Rewilding Europe, for the creation of wild natural areas and for the development of nature tourism in Europe.

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Located in the Coa Valley, along the border of Guarda District, the Faia Brava Reserve covers about 850ha of land in the municipalities of Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo and Pinhel. In this sector, the steep slopes of the river are formed by granite outcroppings and cliffs, a good habitat for the cliff-breeding birds. This area is inserted in the Coa Valley Special Protected Area (Natura 2000) and IBA (Birdlife International Important Bird Area) and, finally, in the Archaeological Park of the Coa Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This is the spot where several bird species nest, namely: griffon vultures, Egyptian vulture, Royal eagle, Bonelli eagle, black stork and Western Orphean warbler.

Sleeping under the stars
Only 4 hours’ drive from Lisbon, Star Camp is overlooking the breath-taking landscape of Western Iberia, rich in wildlife and with a varied habitat of olive trees and cork oaks, recovering Mediterranean forests as well as abandoned farmhouses, shepherd shelters and dry stonewalls. Since a few years, this area is also home to wild-living Garrano horses and Tauros cattle that graze the area in natural way. It is within this magnificent natural setting that Star Camp – with its safari-style feel can currently house six guests – is now sited. Thanks to its low-impact design, the camp strikes a perfect balance between comfort and sustainability.

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