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Mata dos Sete Montes

Situated in the centre of Tomar next to one of the main avenues, the woods Mata Nacional dos Sete Montes with 39 ha is the main park of the city. There are 7 hills occupied by luxurious vegetation, where we can also find aromatic and medicinal herbs.

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These woods lead to the Castle of Tomar and is also known as the Bush of the Convent of Christ, also used by the Order of Christ for isolation, but also the place where they planted gardens and apple trees that upheld the monastic community.

These lands belonged to the Knights Templar and the forest, encircled by walls, was founded by the Order of Christ. It was both a place of introspection and cultivation. Rites of initiation are said to have taken place here.

The wood's leafy vegetation includes centuries-old cypress trees, Judas trees, oak trees and olive trees, and harbour a miniature church in the form of a cylindrical tower known as the "Charolinha", a temple of Romantic design. This carved stone church appears to be a replica of the lantern towers of the Convent of Christ, built in accordance with plans drawn up by João de Castilho - the architect entrusted with the Renaissance works in the convent.

These woods are, in fact, the lung of the city of Tomar, as well as the ideal place to stroll across its bucolic paths.

A dazzling romantic spot of Tomar and definitely a place to fall in love with!

Mata dos Sete Montes

Praça do Infante D. Henrique
2300-551 Tomar
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