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Portas de Ródão

The natural monument of Portas de Ródão is a breathtaking masterpiece of nature in the region of Centro de Portugal. River Tagus flows through two gigantic quartz rocks, truly reminding of “doors”.

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Classified Natural Monument in 2009, Portas da Ródão is a unique place with high geological value. Its steeps covered with heather, rosemary, broom and juniper are the place for threatened  bird species, such as the Black stork, the Eagle owl, the Egyptian vulture, as well as a colony of Griffon vultures flying around this natural monument in the hottest hours of the day.

Only a few km after entering Portugal, river Tagus faces this important geological accident. On this spot the River becomes quite narrow, forming an interesting throat. The steep quartz hills are 170 m high have the shape of doors, hence the name of this fascinating natural monument “portas”.

The beginning of this thinning in the river caused by erosion, started 2.5 million years ago, and went through several stages expressed in the river terraces and platforms embedded by erosion and visible on the right margin downstream from the natural monument.

On the north top of Portas de Ródão that can be easily reached by road you will find the small castle of King Wamba (named after a Visigoth king) also known as the Castle of Ródão. From this viewpoint you will have a wonderful panoramic view over the Tagus valley.

Portas de Ródão is one of the natural monuments of Geopark Naturtejo da Meseta Meridional and a must-see spot for birdwatching aficionados!

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