Located in Alburitel Mountain, in the surroundings of the charming town of Ourém, only half an hour away from Leiria, Talegre panoramic swing is the newest attraction of this region. Created by a group of 3 young friends, this swing is located in a remarkable belvedere with an unrivalled view over the surrounding natural landscape.

This swing was inaugurated in May 2020 and it became a major highlight, the perfect spot for an Instagram post! Located near a geodesic landmark (“talegre”), hence its name. This region is also known for its walking trails, as well as great spots for picnics in family.

Talegre swing is a sustainable panoramic swing, built with the natural resources of Alburitel Mountain. What started as a project of 3 friends turned into an interesting tourism asset that deeply engages the local community of Ourém.