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Older than Portugal itself, the medieval village of Ourém is a true precious jewel that will surely catch your eye with its deeply rich historical heritage and unrivalled beauty. Away from the tourism crowds.
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The medieval village is placed on the top of a hill, encircled by a wall. Its widening streets are filled with buildings that combine several architectural styles and white houses with flowers, seducing its visitors with its quite unique charm.

These are the main highlights that you can not possibly miss:

  • Castle of Ourém – the place where the Castle of Ourém now stands was inhabited since prehistoric times. Its foundations dates back to the beginning of the Portuguese nation in the 12th century.

  • The Count Palace – this manor house was built by the 4th Count of Ourém, D. Afonso, in the 14th century. A unique example in Portugal, this national monument is a symbol of military and economic wealth.

  • The streets of the medieval village of Ourém – with its white houses full of flowers and several viewpoints, offering a breathtaking view over the involving natural landscape. A true journey back in time!

  • The vestiges of the old Synagogue – consisting of two pointed arches in a building in ruins, said to be the old synagogue of Ourém, destroyed by the 1755 earthquake.

  • The Church of Our Lady of Mercy – founded in 1445 by D. Afonso, this temple is very similar to the synagogue of Tomar. It was probably built by the same architect. The fact that D. Afonso lived in Tomar may explain the similarity.

Ourém continues to be an Imperial Eagle flying over the Valley of Seiça river stream.

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