The goal of the entire complex of the Côa Valley Archaeological Park is to provide its visitors with a singular version of a unique and striking space in the History of human artistic and social evolution. Created in 1996 to protect and turn local rock art into a museum, Côa Valley Archaeological Park has a visit system which promotes the balance between enjoying the space to its fullest and preserving both the engravings, dating back thousands of years, and the landscape which shelters them.

Nowadays, the Park offers you the chance to take guided tours into four of the most important nucleuses in the valley – Penascosa, Canada do Inferno, Ribeira de Piscos and Fariseu – in All-terrain vehicles which leave the headquarters of two reception centres in Castelo Melhor and Muxagata.

Put your snickers on, dress comfortably and go back thousands of years in a route through the magnificent landscapes of Côa!

In the land of engraving

If you are going to visit the Archaeological Park, you should also discover the towns and villages among the granite and schist which mark the Côa Valley. Visit Almendra and its manor houses, the elegant matriz church, built during the 16th century, see the houses where the Numão Jewish community lived, make a quick visit to Castelo Melhor and stroll through the majestic walls of the medieval fortress, admire the Baroque manor houses at Seixas, Sebadelhe and Santa Camba, be inspired by the Romanesque church of Freixo de Numão and, finally, admire the magnificent Manueline façade of the matriz at Vila Nova de Foz Côa.

Throughout this entire route, you can also feed your appetite and delight yourself with local products of incomparable quality. Start with bread, taste the biscuits and the variety of almond sweets created with traditional knowledge, enjoy the figs, sweeten your mouth with rosemary honey, take the olive oil with you and, finally, allow yourself the taste of the magnificence local wine.

Come and discover the ancient interior of Portugal!