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Bordallo Pinheiro Route

In the city of Caldas da Rainha porcelain pieces were produced to create a cultural route devoted to Bordallo Pinheiro, a project designed by the city hall of Caldas da Rainha.
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A giant 1,4 meter frog was the first piece of this Bordallo Pinheiro route, which started on October 17th and that will include more pieces in the future. Bordallo Pinheiro used to travel to Caldas da Rainha by train, which is the reason why the train station was chosen as the starting point of the future Bordallo Pinheiro route.

The famous “Zé Povinho”, the countryside woman, the priest, frogs, cats, cabbages, among other characteristic elements of the Bordallo Pinheiro aesthetics were placed all over the city, in building façades and even hanging on trees!

Long and short route 

Designed to be a walking tour, the tour of Bordallo Pinheiro offers a longer track that takes approximately 2 hours, starting in the train station square across several tourism spots, related to the artist and his work.

This route includes buildings with tile-covered panels and façades, unique human-scale pieces and stories on the life of Bordallo Pinheiro, ending at Bordallo Pinheiro Factory and the museum house Bordallo Pinheiro. The short tour will last about an hour, showing the giant-scale ceramic pieces. It will also end at Bordallo Pinheiro Factory. Visitors can visit several spots by using the app CityGuide Caldas da Rainha.

Spots / Location of human-scale pieces:

1. Largo de Estação/Roundabout Avenida 1º Maio – Big open-mouthed frog; Big sitting frog; Water lily; Small tile with frog and water lily;

2. Avenida da Independência/ Upon the Kiosk – Bee;

3. Rua Padre Emílio/Hemiciclo João Paulo II – Priest (covered);

4. Praça 25 de Abril – Zé Povinho (covered);

5. Praça 5 de Outubro / Em cima do Quiosque – Wolf with no plinth;

6. Rua Sebastião de Lima – hunting cat;

7. Rua Dr.Leão Azedo/Fachada da Rodotejo – 60 black and white storks;

8. Rua Almirante Cândido dos Reis/ Edifício da Junta de Freguesia Nª Sra. Do Pópulo – Cabbage leave;

9. Rua Doutor Leonel Sotto Mayor / Edifício do CCC – Ama das Caldas (covered);

10. Rua Capitão Filipe de Sousa/Edifício da Loja da Reabilitação Urbana – 1 lizard;

11. Edifício da Loja do Turismo (interior) : 4 lizards;

12. Loja do Turismo (exterior): Policeman; Lizard; 2 snails;

13. Topo da Praça da República / área verde – 2 groups of mushrooms; 2 turtles; 1 lizard;

14. Largo José Barbosa – Countryside woman (covered);

15. Parque D. Carlos I – monkeys hanging on the “monkey village”.

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