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Aveiro, Tech City

Developed by the City Hall of Aveiro, Aveiro Tech City is an unprecedented initiative that brings together citizens, companies, R&D institutes and state-of-the-art technology to redefine how to live and work in a digital and connected city.

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Technology as a means to improve the quality of living of local citizens and to help governance entities to collect and share relevant information about new exciting ways to manage the city in areas of mobility, education, culture and environment.

Aveiro Tech City will transform the urban area in a living lab – a test-bed where businesses, projects and services are developed, trialled and implemented. Aveiro Tech City aims to learn and experiment new technology as a vehicle to build a sustainable society. A city capable to create more opportunities for those who live, work and visit Aveiro.

Imagine a city with endless possibilities: new businesses, more job opportunities, better health services and public transports; safer streets; skilled and engaged citizens. At the end of the day, city’s life comes from those who live in and work and those who transform it.

Aveiro Tech City is not only about technology, or connected sensors and devices. It is about citizens and how to create a city with a competitive economy, sustainable environment and most of all a liveable and enjoyable city. Aveiro Tech City is committed with the community and its future. It’s a city made by citizens and for the citizens.

The event Aveiro Tech Days is the living proof that technology is part of the city's DNA, as well as of its way of living. Fostering technological development in order to improve the overall quality of life of its inhabitants. Some projects presented in the technological week of Aveiro, Aveiro Tech Week, include three areas: mobility, environment and energy, and innovation that is centralized at Altice Labs.

A city with eyes on the future.

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