Travelling by train is one of the most fascinating ways of discovering the endless beauties of Center of Portugal region. This train journey will lead you from Entroncamento to Vila Velha de Ródão with the Tagus river as leitmotif.

The train journey from Entroncamento to Vila Velha de Ródão takes 2 hours across the most breath-taking natural landscapes.

Entroncamento is a classic destination for railway world aficionados. In this charming city, known as “the train city”, you must visit the National Railway Museum and a take a closer look at the magnificent presidential train. As we leave Entroncamento, we will pass by the iconic Almoroul castle, beautifully placed at the top of an unlikely islet in the middle of the Tagus River.


As we arrive in Abrantes, the Tagus river definitely embraces us and the whole train journey heading to Vila Velha de Ródão will be made along the river. The dam of Belver or the charming river beach of Alamal are two major highlights of this incredible train journey.


Beira Baixa railway line is one of the most stunning railway connections in Portugal. The journey between Entroncamento and Vila Velha de Ródão is a memorable experience ! Always take the scenic route.