The Dão Eco-Path is 47,5 km long, connecting the municipalities of Viseu, Tondela and Santa Comba Dão. This fantastic eco-path used to be the former railway line of Dão region. It is certainly one of the most beautiful eco-paths in the country!

Viseu track

The eco-path that connects the cities of Viseu, Tondela and Santa Comba Dão is a very exciting path across a beautiful natural landscape. This was a former train line connection, now converted in one of the most interesting cycle and pedestrian paths of Centro de Portugal. The Viseu track is 17 km long, starting in Aguieira Urban Park. Across this path you will see former train stations, roman roads and bridges, Ortigueira bridge designed by Eiffel and the enchanting Mosteirinho village.

Tondela track

The Tondela track is 19 km long, crossing a mostly rural landscape that will surely amaze you! The main highlights are: the ancient Church of Canas de Santa Maria, a Roman-Gothic temple built in the 14th century; Tinhela metallic bridge over Dinha River; Manueline style windows; Medieval graves and pillories. Both biking and walking are allowed.

Santa Comba Dão track

Each one of the bike paths of Dão Eco-path has a different colour: Viseu is red, Tondela is green and Santa Comba is blue. The Santa Comba Dão track begins in km 37,5. It is a delightful route along River Dão through schist and granite mountain landscapes. It has anti-slide pavement in asphalt. Both biking and walking are allowed.