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Portuguese inland Way of Santiago

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The Portuguese Inland Way of Santiago extends for 205 km, in Portuguese territory, crossing the municipalities of Viseu, Castro Daire, Lamego, Peso da Régua, Santa Marta de Penaguião, Vila Real, Vila Pouca de Aguiar and Chaves. The section of the municipality of Castro Daire is 40 kms long, starting in Cabrum river stream.

This route crosses the most breath-taking landscapes of forests, agricultural and rural areas, highlighting the rich cultural and religious heritage, as well as an unrivalled natural settings.

The Portuguese Inland Way of Santiago leads you to 2 beautiful chapels located by the Paiva River - considered one of the purest rivers in Europe, where the world's longest suspension bridge was recently inaugurated - as well as across the dazzling Montemuro Mountain, where you will find charming typical villages, sheep and goat herds and amazing animal species.

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