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Aveiro wooden paths

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The newly opened 7 km-long Aveiro wooden paths follow the Aveiro Lagoon, inviting to the discovery of this breath-taking ecosystem so rich in avifauna and flora. A new way of feeling Aveiro Lagoon.

The track of Aveiro wooden paths can start in Cais de São Roque at the heart of Aveiro, in Cais da Ribeira de Esgueira away from the city or at the end of the track, in Rio Novo do Príncipe, in Vilarinho, parish of Cacia. There is also a short track connecting Cais de São Roque to Cais da Ribeira de Esgueira, which is approximately 2 km long, ideal for persons with less physical resistance or families with children.

Either on foot or by bike, at sunrise or at sunset, Aveiro Lagoon offers truly memorable images to its visitors. Along the track there are many wooden benches, engraved with local sayings, where visitors can rest or simply contemplate the amazing surrounding natural landscape.

Birdwatching aficionados can expect to spot several bird species: sea swallow, stilt, dunlin, western osprey, black kite, heron and flamingo. During Winter time, Aveiro Lagoon welcomes more than 20 thousand migrating birds.

Walking upon the waters of Aveiro Lagoon is diving in the identity of Aveiro, in a truly memorable experience.

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