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Tagus River

You will hardly find such a privileged destination to nature tourism as the Tejo Internacional area.
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You will hardly find such a privileged destination to nature tourism as the Tejo Internacional (International Tagus) area. Full of exceptional places, including a Natural Park, a Geopark and a Natural Reserve, International Tagus offers you thousands of kilometres of unique landscapes where Nature rules. And it’s not just animals and plants, many of them rare or endangered, which delight visitors in this area of Central Portugal. Here you will be able to see wonders created 600 million years ago by the Earth, marks left by organisms from the time when all continents were united, preserved areas from old Mediterranean woods, crags and waterfalls dominated by the Tagus River snaking through the landscape.

Much more than Landscape

If the landscape captivates us for its richness, the heritage built in the region charms its visitors. Enjoying its favourable proximity to schist villages and historic villages, International Tagus gives you the chance to know Idanha-a-Velha or Monsanto where architecture blends with Nature. Or to discover Castelo Branco the “capital city of Beira Baixa” where rurality and modernity walk hand in hand. In all of them, Beirã traditions are alive and can be seen in the events that fill the cultural programmes.

To explore a region dominated by Nature, there’s nothing like spending the night in a tourism in the country house or an hotel where protecting biodiversity is a concern. But you can also choose to spend the night watching millions of stars!

Starting from here, you will be able to fully enjoy this area of the country, where farming and pastoral agriculture stand out, while you delight yourself with traditional flavours which come from the manufacturing of honey, olive oil and cheese according to handmade knowledge. You can also add Monfortinho Baths to the wonders you will see and taste. Here, the waters are of exceptional quality and blend with modern hydrotherapy techniques.

A visit to Tagus in Central Portugal is worth your while!

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