What makes the dazzling gardens of Casa da Ínsua absolutely unique is the vastness, originality and variety of botanical species. The most remarkable ones are the French Garden and the English Garden.

The French Garden is located in front of the main house and it dates back to 1856. This garden has two levels made of bushes, presenting an outstanding geometric design. The water mirror is centrally placed so that it can completely reflect the main house. In this lake we can observe the Indian lotus flower that blossoms every year between June and July and it only lasts 48 hours. Next to the lake, a monumental magnolia, dating back to 1842. The century-old camellias – over 32 varieties – dominate this romantic garden.

The English Garden contains several tree species from Brazil, such as the monumental sequoias or the “Pau Brasil” – Brazil wood trees. Near the bush trees there is a gigantic eucalyptus brought by Marquis de Pombal, one of the first ones in Portugal. This imposing tree species is 50 meters high, playing a major role in this garden. Also worth mentioning are the cedars of Lebanon, 2 hundred years-old tree species.