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4th Woodrock Festival | Figueira da Foz



Every year in July the city of Águeda bursts with colour and joie de vivre! The Umbrella Sky Project became a worldwide success and the images of the beautiful colourful umbrellas have indeed crossed the world! This event will be held from July to September, taking place at the square Praça 1º de Maio by


Ana Moura | Coimbra

The diva of Portuguese fado, Ana Moura, will throw a concert on November 4th at 22:00 in Convento de São Francisco in Coimbra. Who says that fado is a deeply melancholic song? Not all. Listen to the gorgeous Ana Moura and find out why!


Antique market | Coimbra

The colourful Coimbra Antique Market takes place every fourth Saturday of the month from 09:00 to 19:00 in the square Praça do Comércio. Here are the next dates: July 25th August 22nd September 26th October 24th November 28th December 26th

Casa Havanesa

Casa Havanesa is truly a mythical spot of Figueira da Foz. This former bookshop and photo house belonged to the brothers José and Mário Santos Alves, who were consuls of Portugal in Belgium and England.

Casino Figueira

The Casino, recently changed by the architects Jorge Albuquerque, Câncio Martins and Winjand Plasier! The “glamour” is back!

Claridade Beach

With unique brightness, Claridade Beach became famous during the 19th century when the extraordinary development of Figueira da Foz and the natural conditions of the landscape attracted bathers from all over the country.


Codfish Festival | Ílhavo

From August 8th to 12th 2018 the city of Ílhavo will host another edition of Sea Feasts that include the mythical Codfish Festival, dedicated to one of the most important ingredients of Portuguese cuisine. Delight yourself with this unique festival!


Expofacic – Agriculture, Trade and Industry Fair of Cantanhede

Expofacic – Agriculture, Trade and Industry Fair of Cantanhede takes place from July 26th to August 5th, in Cantanhede. Amazing concerts and good vibes!  

Figueira da Foz

Sun and sea with abundance. Figueira da Foz, the city at the mouth of the Mondego River, located at 40 kilometers from Coimbra, with extensive beaches of soft white sand which invite for a relaxing holiday.

Figueira da Foz: Europe’s best right!

The coastline of Center of Portugal is 279 km long with the best surf spots in Europe.


Gliding Barnacles | Figueira da Foz

Just as barnacles live their lives clinging on to ship hulls, surfers live theirs cling on to their surfboards — they are “Gliding Barnacles” ! It’s a wining combination: a group of surfers, good waves and several concerts, as well as surf-related workshops, small competitions, exhibits and artistic residencies ! This surf event takes place

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