In addition to the its monumental architecture and the works dedicated to devotion inside, Viseu Cathedral also hosts the Religious Art Museum on the second floor. It consists of the old Cathedral treasure and displays a collection of images, liturgical vestments, worship paraments, choir books and furniture. Among the valuable pieces which are a part of the collection, two 18th century enameled copper reliquary vaults from the Limoges School stand out. They are unique pieces in Portugal. A monstrance built in 1533 which belonged to the renowned Bishop and humanist D. Miguel da Silva is one of the most valuable religious art pieces in Portugal.

Six details you should not miss the chance to appreciate at Viseu Cathedral:

  • The 17th century main chapel designed by friar João Turriano which holds a 1731 Baroque retable; this has replaced a 15th century retable whose paintings are nowadays on display at Grão Vasco Museum;
  • The magnificent cloister in classic design which invites to meditation;
  • The Santos Brancos (White Saints) Chapel with an amazing 15th century Ançã stone retable and a Pietá by master João de Ruão;
  • The Calvário (Calvary) 14th century chapel;
  • The tile panels with scenes from the life of Saint Theotonius in the cloister galleries;
  • The chapter halls on the second floor of the cloister with magnificent paneled Mudejar ceilings and 18th century tiles designed by Manuel da Silva.