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Aldeia Velha panoramic swing

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The panoramic swing of Aldeia Velha is more than a landmark in the landscape. It is a tribute to an ancestral tradition of Sabugal, the so-called "capeia arraiana" (classified national intangible heritage), a traditional bullfight led by approximately 30 men using a fork-shaped wooden tool, facing the bulls, however no bull is injured in this unique bullfight. The swing has the shape of this wooden tool, hence its deep symbolism.

Beautifully placed at the top of the mountain Serra do Homem de Pedra next to the Chapel of Nossa Senhora dos Prazeres, the patron saint of Aldeia Velha village, this fork-shaped panoramic swing offers an unrivalled view over the city of Guarda and Serra da Estrela.

Aldeia Velha panoramic swing tells many stories and pays a tribute to the deep-rooted traditions of Sabugal and to its people who have shaped local History and the spirit of the place. A fork-shaped swing would only make sense here. And this makes all the difference.

Aldeia Velha panoramic swing

Baloiço Panorâmico de Aldeia Velha
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