Located in Travancinha, Entre Serras panoramic swing was an hands-on project of a group of friends and locals who worked pro bono in the creation of this beautiful landscape landmark.

The name of the panoramic swing “Entre Serras” means “between Mountains”. In fact, this dazzling swing is located at the crossroad of 7 mountain ranges: Serra da Estrela, Serra do Caramulo, Serra do Montemuro, Serra da Lousã, Serra do Maridão, Serra do Açor and Serra do Buçaco.

Embraced by an endless natural beauty, Entre Serras panoramic swing is ideal for nature and walking of biking aficionados, eager to discover the many charms of such a deeply rich natural setting.

While exploring this region, you can stay at Chão do Rio, a sustainable accommodation certified by Biosphere Sustainable Tourism, situated in the charming village of Travancinha at the heart of Serra da Estrela Natural Park. Chão do Rio consists of 6 thatched stone houses -pretty much resembling the hobbit houses ! – beautifully placed in front of a biological pool that evokes the iconic lagoons of Serra da Estrela. A place to fall in love with !