Via Verde Visitors

Via Verde Visitors is the only system that allows visitors to Portugal to travel on all national motorways without having to stop for tolls.

Ask for your transponder now and have it sent to your home or any address by choice:

No commitment
Lifetime warranty
No expiration

How does the transponder work in Visitor mode?

Tolls are charged on Portuguese motorways and if you do not have a Via Verde transponder you must stop at the tollbooth or pay the toll at a place that accepts payments later. If you have a Via Verde transponder you just drive through without stopping and the toll will be charged automatically to your credit card

  1. Apply for your transponder here and stick it inside your windscreen when you visit Portugal.
  2. Pass through all tolls without needing to stop. The tolls will be charged to the associated credit card at the end of the month.
  3. Use it whenever you come back to Portugal. You only pay the monthly fee in the months you use the transponder.

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