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Portugal "Clean & Safe"

The Portuguese Tourism board - Turismo de Portugal - has updated the requirements to obtain the pioneering “Clean & Safe” health label for hotels, tourism in the country houses, active tourism enterprises, rent-a-cars, and other tourism-related companies.
This stamp continues to be optional, free and valid until April 2022. It is the result of a partnership between Turismo de Portugal, the Portuguese Health Authority and NOVA Medical School.
The "Clean & Safe" stamp was created in order to ensure that travellers can have confidence and feel safe while choosing Portugal as a travel destination. Health security is the top priority and other countries have also followed the highly praised Portuguese example. A symbol of trust in this challenging era.

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10 coolest Summer spots of Center of Portugal

This is the Top 10 of the coolest spots and experiences to discover during your Summer holidays in Center of Portugal! A safe destination off the beaten track. There is more to Summer life than the south.

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Embrace you soon

The time has come for the journey to start all over again. We are making the destination safe for you, for all of us. We miss you and the best way to show you this is our full commitment to your safety. Play it safe, as if your life depended on it. Because it does. No arms are needed to feel truly embraced and welcomed by a destination. It's all about the way we take care of one another. We will embrace you soon. When all this is over.

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Time to Be

It’s time to be brave and to brave the wilderness. It’s time to feel the cool water and to feel alive.
It’s time to defy the elements. It's time to surf. It's time to be.

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Parque do Barrocal

Parque do Barrocal is certainly one of the most incredible parks in Portugal. Before opening to the public in November 2020, it was awarded the prestigious Architecture MasterPrize.
Barrocal is a unique natural space within the city of Castelo Branco, integrated in the UNESCO Naturtejo Global Geopark and in the International Tejo / Tajo Biosphere Reserve. Its fascinating geological landscape, shaped over 310 million of years of tectonic movements and climate change holds unexpected biodiversity.

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Sugar-coated Center of Portugal

Follow this yummy sugar route of Center of Portugal and discover a brave new world of Convent-based delicacies and the most outstanding sweets that will leave you breathless! Calories don't count when you're happy!

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Wine tourism in Center of Portugal

Because life is too short not to fall in temptation, Center of Portugal invites you to celebrate the noble wines of Dão, Bairrada, Beira Interior, Tejo and Lisbon wine regions. Outstanding wines, incredible tasting spots and a true hymn to life!

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